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Anhui Finance & Trade Vocational College is a full-time institution of higher learning, which is established with the approval of the People’s Government of Anhui Province and registered with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China for the record.

It was conferred to the National Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Demonstrative Vocational School in 2014, the Anhui Demonstrative Vocational School in 2015, in the same year, it was approved to the Local High-level skills-oriented college, and the construction project of National High Quality Vocational College in 2016.


The college is founded in 1964. It has always been adhering to the motto of bright value & great learning, the unity of knowledge & action, the education policy of experts in research, top teachers in development, science research in strengthening, characteristic in reputation, the school-running idea of employment oriented, powered by innovation, take the quality as the basis, the characteristic as the life. It seizes the position based on industry, faces the society, open education, cultivate finance & trade elite, and provides services for supply and marketing cooperative enterprise and regional social & economic development.


The college is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. It has two campuses, covering 32.7 hectares. The college consists ofDepartment of Accounting, Department of Business & Economics, Department of Business Administration, Department of Finance & Taxation, Department of Tourism Management, Department of Electronic Information, Department of Artistic Design, School of Marxism, Basic Courses Section together with Institute of Higher Vocational Education, Institute of Commercial Automation, Institute of Hu Xueyan, Institute of Supply and Marketing Cooperative Economics, Institute of Rural E-commerce Pattern and Institute of Xin Li Financial. There are six categories includes 35 majors and its orientation, the number of full-time students totals around 13,000.


The College has a well-organized team of teachers (about 500) with outstanding academic, teaching, and research achievements. Over 20 percent of them are associate professors or higher, more than 70% are dual-skilled teachers with both academic and other practical knowledge, beyond 70 percent of the teachers have doctor and postgraduate educational background; One professor enjoys Special Governmental Subsidy of the State Council, six provincial-wide famous teachers, one doctoral supervisor, one master’s tutor, eighteen academic leaders at the province level, ten provincial teaching team, and forty people won excellent teachers of provincial and ministerial level and new teaching star of provincial level.


With the market demand, the college vigorously develops four professional categories in new demand industry, new applied modes, emerging technologies operation and composite of job skills, actively promotes the talents training mode in industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation and work-integrated learning. On the basis of traditional professional advantages in financial business, it continues to improve the education standard and the quality of personnel training. In 2011, the college led the establishment of Anhui Finance & Trade Vocational Education Group to explore the effective connection between the chain of vocational education and industrial development, and found an effective way to develop vocational education in the direction of scale, intensification and linkage. In addition, to further its educational reform, the college has been in contact with colleges in Singapore, Ireland and many foreign countries for various forms of international exchange and cooperation.


The college adheres to the development strategy of the school by scientific research and encourages teachers to carry out teaching research and scientific research activities. It has achieved remarkable results in various research projects of provincial teaching quality and teaching reform project. In early 2014, in order to gain strength to improve teaching quality, it launched academy of 12315 teaching quality improvement plan, key construction of 10 professional brand, 20 model demonstration course, 30 training base, 10 typical teachers with both ability and political integrity and 50 senior teacher of core courses.


 The college focuses on strengthen students’ vocational skills. It was approved two of the provincial school-enterprise cooperation practice base and excellent talent education training plan. It makes full use of college students’ pioneer practice park, three creative and incubation service centers, 50 campus training rooms and more than 200 off-campus practice bases which combine teaching, learning and doing. The college also actively created factory in school and commander factory which connect the classroom and the enterprise. It has constantly push the training mode of degree education and vocational training and gradually realized the teaching content adjust to the social certification standards. At the same time, the college actively organized and selected excellent players to take part in all levels of various professional skills competition and has achieved excellent results. It was awarded Skill Talents Cultivating Outstanding Contribution Award in national supply and marketing cooperatives system.


 The college constantly innovate the path and carrier of literacy education. Around the fundamental task of virtue through education, it realizes the organic unity of knowledge, ability and value through integrating the education of socialist core values into whole teaching process. In view of the five school semester, it actively promotes the literacy education of Five Stages & Subjects, i.e. love, image, responsibility and innovation. At the same time, it adheres to make active contributions to the promotion of carrying forward Huishang culture and spreading Huishang spirit. Over the years, the employment rate of graduates has reached over 96%. The college has been awarded the title of Advanced Collective of Anhui University Graduates’ Employment for 4 times.


The college has always adhered to the development of connotation, well-built its own characteristics and formed a relatively perfect conditions for years. It has been widely recognized in school-running level and talents quality. It has been recognized as the provincial Three Excellence civilization units. In recent years, it has been awarded the titles of National Characteristic Demonstration College, Advanced Unit of National Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Advanced Collective of Anhui Supply and Marketing Cooperative,  Hefei Civilized Unit, Hefei Safe Campus and so on.


 13th Five-Year period, the college will focus on overall goals of scientific orientation, connotation construction, characteristic development and quality improvement, efforts to promote the rapid development of various undertakings, actively pushing forward the construction of local skilled high-level university for service industry development and make new greater contributions in Anhui.